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A likkle someting about us...

What We Do

Created by an entrepreneur with a flare for food, flava and fun. After running multiple restaurants, food trucks and developing his own concoctions (pre-mixed bottled cocktails, marinades and BBQ Sauces), he has decided to commercialise his creations to share with the World!  Clinton have developed a collection of tropical products and Condiments that will lit up your parties, meal, events and celebratory gathering.

We are passionate and proud to use exotic fruits, natural flavours, herbs and spices to make our products.  All our products are made with the spirit of Jamaica and inpsiration from across the Caribbean.  Made by Jamaican with Caribbean recipes and traditions and produced in the UK for the descerning consumer.  Made with passion, love and patience that trickled down from my parents and grandparents generation!

Why Bombastyc BBQ Sauces?

No artificial colouring or flavouring

All natural ingredients

Free from all the major allergies except gluten/barley

Authentic,  tasty and can be used for all types of meats, fish and vegetables

Suitable for vegan & vegetarian

Premium quality ingredients